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Delivery FAQ’s

  • Where do you deliver?

    We are a local Brisbane Business and deliver to many suburbs in Brisbane. You can check your postcode on every product page while ordering to see if we deliver to your area! We are continuing to grow which means our delivery zones are expanding too.

  • What days are your deliveries?

    We deliver our fresh meals every Tuesday between 1am-12pm depending on a few things like, where you want your meals delivered (work or home) and which suburb you live in. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to find out more information.

  • What are the meals delivered in?

    Your meals will be delivered in an insulated, temperature-controlled box with a large ice pack. Your meals will keep cold for up to 6 hours before needing to be refrigerated. We do suggest that you put your meals in the fridge at your earliest convenience to keep them as cold as possible. Food safety is always our number one priority!

  • What time are my meals delivered and do I need to be home?

    The time of your delivery can vary depending on where you live. We have a typical delivery window of between 1am-7am for residential/home deliveries. You do not need to be home to collect your delivery. We just ask that you are able to collect your meals within 6 hours to put them in the fridge! Our driver will leave your meals in a safe place close to your door without needing a signature. If you have additional delivery instructions to help us find your house, please let us know in your order notes. You will also receive an email once your delivery is complete. Any work deliveries will take place from approximately 8am to allow for business hours and access to buildings etc.

  • What happens if I live in a secured apartment complex?

    When possible, we will deliver your meals to reception/lobby area or the furthest we can gain access to your complex. Due to the early delivery times, it won’t always be possible for our drivers to buzz you when your delivery is at the front gate. We will ensure to leave your meals in a safe spot if there is no way to access the building.

  • Can the delivery boxes be reused or returned?

    Yes! Our delivery box, insulation lining and ice packs are all re-usable! Simply leave your box outside for collection on our delivery days. Reusing our delivery boxes are a great way to help the environment!

  • How much is delivery?

    A delivery fee of $10 will be added to your order.

  • Will I be notified when my meals are delivered?

    Yes, we will send you an email to confirm your delivery was made!

Meal and ordering FAQs

  • How much are your meals?

    Our Low-Cal meals are $13.95, our Balance meals are $14.95, and our Active meals are $15.95.

  • Can I freeze my meals?

    Although we recommend having your meals fresh from the fridge to experience your meals the way they were intended, many of our meals are freezer friendly. You can freeze your meals before the use by date for later consumption! (talk about convenience). Just remember to read the serving instructions on your meals as some are not freezer friendly (like our fresh salads) so we recommend you eat those meals first to avoid any wastage.

  • How long do my meals last fresh in the fridge?

    Your meals are made fresh to order and contain no preservatives or inorganic materials to extend their shelf life. Our meals have a fresh shelf life of 4 days in the fridge.

  • How many calories do your meals contain?

    Our Low-Cal meals average between 300-400 calories, our Balance meals range from 400-500 calories and our Active meals range from 500-600 calories.

  • Are you a subscription service?

    No, we are not! You can order as often as you like. No lock in contracts and no subscriptions means flexibility and convenience is always on your side.

  • How often do you change your menu and meals?

    We have a new menu every week! Each week we offer a well-balanced menu offering a variety of meals to choose from.

  • Is there a cut off time for delivery?

    Yes, deliveries are due by Sunday 3pm to receive your order on the upcoming Tuesday. Because our meals are made fresh to order, we need a few days to source local ingredients, prep and cook your meals. Our meals are cooked on Monday and delivered on Tuesday. You can’t get fresher than that!

  • What happens if I miss the cut off time for ordering?

    We understand accidents happen and life gets in the way! If you miss the cut off time, please contact us and we will always try to fit your order in.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    Yes, there is a minimum order of 4 meals.

  • Are your meals suitable for people with food allergies?

    We take the highest care to keep allergy prone ingredients out of certain meals such as peanuts, dairy and gluten. However, they may still be present in trace amounts as all our meals are produced in the same kitchen. We recommend you contact us directly if you have any severe food allergies before placing an order.